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In my experience as a professional matchmaker,  I’ve seen every iteration of dating. Helping a client understand how to write the best dating app bio and navigate the dating tech waters, encouraging them to discover romantic opportunities or find the courage to ask out a friend, I am by my client’s side at every step of their dating journey.

At the heart of each of these encounters is a meaningful connection.

My approach has been successful for over two decades of creating thousands of dates that led to beautiful connections, relationships and happy marriages. By encouraging clients to delve beyond the surface and focus on values and lifestyle goals, I help them kindle strong flames that burn long after the initial spark fades.  

There is absolutely no reason why the same philosophies can’t apply in today’s virtual reality. Yes, it may be a leap for those of us accustomed to a traditional way of connecting with people, but at the end of the day, we all simply want authentic relationships that stand the test of time, whether they begin online or in person. 

Are you ready to swipe your way into an online relationship

It’s important to recognize that a dating app is simply a stepping stone on the path to an authentic relationship. Think about it like a bike that gets you to your destination. It might not be perfect or quick, but you can enjoy the journey and make the best use of your time. If you’re choosing this path, you must develop the proper mindset and expectations. You can find great connections on the apps, but they’re rare and require patience and a certain level of skill if you want to succeed. 

And while you may not possess all the secrets to dating, a professional matchmaker, like me, does. Together, let’s explore the in-person techniques that have created so many meaningful relationships and marriages and tweak them to guide your virtual dating journey. 

How to Find True Love Online: Cracking the Code of Connections 

So here we are, living, working and dating in a digital world. We quickly had to learn how to establish genuine connections through a screen instead of face-to-face. And while the myriad of online platforms available are convenient, they do create challenges when attempting to understand someone’s true essence. This may not matter in virtual settings with co-workers or friends, but it is incredibly important when it comes to online dating.

Learn how to discover the authentic person behind their curated profile

Dating apps present a one-dimensional view of who someone is. The limited real estate doesn’t allow enough space to write the story of your life, nor would you want it to. The idea is to give a snapshot into your life and enough information to inspire someone to reach out and say hello. Most people believe that dating apps limit our ability to be fully authentic. This isn’t entirely true. It’s really how people utilize them by falling into the trap of only relaying fun, superficial information since it’s a public format. Meaningful connections develop when we are willing to be transparent and you can absolutely do this even when you’re allowed only a small paragraph to express yourself. 

So, is it possible to do online dating successfully when everything moves at light speed and we get only a snapshot of someone’s life? It begins with you. You set the tone and the example. I’ve helped clients write personable bios without being too personal. Meaning, we didn’t share the entire story but rather gave highlights and expressions to convey warmth, authenticity, personality, wishes and dreams. When done correctly, even a brief bio can create an immediate connection and draw someone closer to you. Use this time to discover new connections without a significant investment of your time. The more authentic you are, the less likely you’ll be pulled in a million different directions and swiping left on all the people who are inappropriate for you. 

Once you’ve cracked the code on composing a great bio and writing insightful responses to the correct prompts, you’ll need to understand how you differentiate an authentic connection from a superficial one. 

It’s usually found in the observation of patterns and asking the right questions.

As you explore matches, watch for signs of a genuine connection.  

Virtual relationships with a genuine connection include a consistent rhythm of two-way communication, with both parties actively engaging and participating. If someone isn’t demonstrating the interest or care you desire, and deserve, it’s important to consider if you wish to move forward with them. Curiosity is a trait that shows up quickly so if you aren’t being asked meanintful questions, most likely you’re messaging with someone who isn’t compatible.  For those you do continue to get to know, pay attention to the questions they ask. Meaningful and deeper questions that explore core values indicate authentic interest while superficial topics may suggest a lack of investment.

And don’t be shy about asking profound questions. This doesn’t mean ask difficult questions. When people are swiping and engaging with hundreds of profiles, it can feel too taxing if you’re asking questions that cause them to think or process. Start slow, engage as you would if you had just met someone at a local coffee spot.  If they share openly, it reveals their willingness to be vulnerable, which is an important aspect of every relationship. Despite the virtual space, you are still connecting with a real-life person. Remembering that is the secret of how to find a connection online that ultimately transitions to true love.

Mastering the Art of Virtual Relationships: Practical Strategies from a Professional Matchmaker

As a relationship expert in LEVEL Connections, I’ve coached and advised countless single men and women through the pitfalls, mistakes and disappointments that inevitably arise when exploring dating. I’ve helped clients learn from these challenges to spark, build and sustain meaningful connections. And while my expertise lies in the matchmaking industry, I recognize that the popularity of dating apps has surged in recent years. 

I have witnessed firsthand the same challenges with online dating that arise in person. This has helped me learn how to do online dating successfully. Creating personal connections in the digital age is about adopting the right mindset and developing a smart strategy.

Although the playing field has changed, the game remains the same. 

I’ve combined my extensive knowledge about building meaningful connections with everything I’ve learned about dating apps to curate this list of virtual dating rules that will guarantee you win the ultimate prize — a loving and sustainable relationship

So, if you are ready to get your head in the game and learn how to find true love online, let’s go!

1. Choose the Ideal Dating Site

The first step to discovering meaningful personal connections in the digital age is identifying the right dating site. I encourage you to spend time exploring the different options until you find one that aligns with your age range, personal style and relationship goals.  

Deciding where to date is almost like dating itself. It’s important to remember that not every site will match your goals, just like not every person will match your interests. Being selective and choosing one that resonates with you will increase your chances of finding a compatible partner.

2. Write an Engaging Bio

I mentioned earlier that a dating profile is essentially a curated version of yourself. And that is perfectly fine because you will get the chance to share more about your personality, interests and goals with those you spark a genuine connection with. 

When creating your profile, think of crafting the bio as opening a window into your world without pulling the shades back so far that it exposes too much personal information. A compelling, thoughtful and concise bio is key to attracting the right people. Writing a warm, insightful, and friendly description that captures your essence will catch the attention of the right people.

3. Spot the Red Flags

Just like in real life, there will be people on dating apps who are not authentic. But how can you determine which matches offer the greatest chance to find love online, and which should be discarded without exploring further? Here are a few red flags in virtual relationships to watch for: 

  • Spotty Communication: If someone only messages you sporadically, they may not be invested in getting to know you on a deeper level. Consistent and meaningful virtual communication is necessary to spark a connection that can be developed into an in-person relationship.

  • Prolonged Texting without a Date or Meeting: On the other hand, if the messaging or texting goes on for more than a week or two, or what kids these days called as ‘ghosting’, without the other person suggesting or accepting your suggestion to meet in person, it may indicate a lack of interest in taking the relationship out of the virtual world and into the real one.

  • Unreliable Dating App Profile: If a dating profile is an opportunity to present your best self to potential matches, it says a lot about someone if their photos are dated, blurry or incomplete. This may be a sign that they are not being transparent, and won’t give you the authenticity you expect and deserve.   

So how do you know if a red flag really is a sign you shouldn’t attempt to make an online relationship work?  Just like in real life, it is simply an indicator that someone may be inauthentic. The decision to investigate further or walk away is ultimately yours to make.

4. Being Vulnerable  

Vulnerability is another important aspect of authentic relationships that may be challenging to explore online. Understanding how to display vulnerability to make online relationships work requires a new perspective. Being vulnerable is not about oversharing every intimate detail of your life or exposing your weaknesses and fears. It means expressing how you genuinely think and feel, and sharing your joy, passion and excitement for the things and people in your life.  

Many people fear showing vulnerability online. They are right to be cautious about being taken advantage of; however, there is a safe way to express vulnerability online. Trusting your instincts, watching for red flags and possessing a strong self of self-worth empowers you to avoid dangerous situations. Too many of us ignore the inner voice that warns us about potential risks. It is important to listen to that inner voice. When you lead with intelligence and intuition, you won’t have to sacrifice safety or boundaries. 

Remember, building authentic connections in virtual relationships requires mutual respect and trust. When you find someone who reciprocates those qualities, and who you feel safe and comfortable with, you’ll know it’s okay to be vulnerable. And when they express vulnerability in return, it will cultivate a meaningful online relationship that can transition into the real world.

5. Be Patient

When it comes to discovering how to find love online, patience is key. You may want to throw in the towel after the first few missed or miserable connections, but if you commit to dedicating at least six months to your engagement and search, your patience will pay off.  

Embrace the process, but be strategic. 

Be selective without being overly picky, and allocate two days each week to online dating. This strategy will allow you to enjoy the experience without going down a rabbit hole of endless hours of monotonous swiping.   

If your confidence begins to diminish, keep in mind that online dating is like a superhighway.  Potential partners will whiz by at top speed, unable to be caught, and that’s okay. It only takes one meaningful connection. So, stay true to yourself and take it all in stride. Knowing your worth, being patient and remaining optimistic is how to find love online. In time the right partner will come along, and they will be well worth the wait. 

Discover How to Do Online Dating Successfully and Become My Next Successful Love Story

I love love. That might sound obvious considering that my career is built on sparking and sustaining meaningful connections, but it’s worth stating again (and again). Because love truly does make the world go around. And since our lives today tend to exist in a virtual world, online dating is an integral part of the process. 

So it’s important to me that I take what I’ve learned through my professional matchmaking services about how to make relationships work and adapt it to online dating. Whether through my work, mutual friends, real-world encounters, or virtual matches, I’ve discovered that any successful connection begins with two people willing to be vulnerable and transparent. 

This is the foundation upon which successful marriages are built.  

When both people prioritize understanding their own needs and core values, communicating effectively and approaching each other with open hearts and minds, there is no relationship goal they cannot attain. Over the years, I’ve had the immense joy of helping to create hundreds of long-term relationships and marriages. While each has its own distinct story, they all flourish because the couple embraces their humanity and combines their hearts in an authentic way. 

Whether you meet online or in person, this is true of any relationship. So as you begin your dating journey with the guidance of a professional matchmaking service or by writing your own online dating profile, make sure your truth always shines through.  

When you share your unique voice without fear, the right person will find you. I promise.

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