I've met some people outside of LEVEL. And to be honest, they're a waste of my time. It's very clear that what you do at LEVEL is so detailed and deep. To be honest, every woman you've introduced me to has been really incredible. Great women and I can see why you've connected me with each of them. Thank you for your efforts.
Kyle (41), Business Owner, Los Angeles
First date was a 5 out of 5! This is why I chose to work with LEVEL, so I could meet women like this. Great job, you guys!
Cole (46), Sales Executive, Los Angeles
You guys really nailed it on this one, he's a great guy! Other matchmaking companies “oversell” their clients and they’re not accurate. Everything you said, from the first 5 minutes of meeting him, I could tell you were right about him.
Brenda (32), Teacher, Santa Monica
Working with April and the LEVEL team is like flying first class. My first date was so easy and effortless. I feel excited and hopeful.
Ted (52), Entrepreneur, Orange County
I love the combination of automation and the personal touch! LEVEL makes it so easy but I feel like I'm in really good hands at the same time!
Carmin (39), Nurse, Los Angeles
“LEVEL” is the right name for your company April, because you are next LEVEL!!
Tim (53), Private Investor, San Diego
I’m VERY impressed at your approach. As I learn more and more I see how unique LEVEL is. Thanks for being a visionary in the dating world.
Gina (43), Wellness Coach, Los Angeles
My first date was exactly the type of person I described wanting to meet and I felt differently about this date than I have about other dates in a long time.
Shawn (33), Real Estate Investor, Santa Monica
I just want to say thank you for introducing me to Darren. We talked for over an hour and a half last night and we're going to dinner this Saturday. He is a reflective, intelligent man with a wonderful sense of purpose. I’m looking forward to getting to know him better this weekend. Thank you!
Kelli (33), Investor, San Francisco
I'm very impressed with LEVEL and found it to be user friendly.
Matthew (40), Surgeon, Los Angeles
I was blown away on SO many levels. April clearly understands people and interpersonal attraction at such a profound, intuitive level. She could’ve been a psychologist without even bothering with the PhD.
Sara (41), Studio Owner, Los Angeles
Everything about Melanie and our date was.......effortless! Very sweet, sexy, sincere.
Rob (48), Business Owner, Santa Barbara
I have to say it was effortless! We already made plans for this Sunday. I am very happy with your choice for me!!
Annie (35), Business Owner, Beverly Hills
I’ve never been happier, April. Bulls-eye. Thank you with all my heart. Nicole is AMAZING.
Javier (46), Venture Capitalist, San Francisco
I am glad you called me about him. After speaking with you I knew it was time to trust the higher power who had been trying to get my attention for a year!!
Jessica (43), Business Owner, Orange County
LEVEL’s matching process is thoughtful and thorough. They TELL me who would be my best matches. They have introduced me to women that I would have never met on my own or had a chance to meet online. This has been THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!
Michael (54), Real Estate Investor, Los Angeles
She is a very beautiful and fit woman. Great personality, fun, and witty. She is a great match and I really enjoy my time with her.
Randall (35), Architect, Orange County
I love LEVEL's avenues of communicating with me about my dates. It's awesome to me that they developed these tools, which is a reflection of how professional and legit this company is.
Moriah (37), Teacher, Orange County
Mike was absolutely wonderful this weekend as he's always been since our first conversation. Thank you so much! He's an amazing human and I'm so grateful he chooses to spend his time with me. I'm so grateful to Level.
Megan (44), Health Care Administrator, Los Angeles
Your team managed to exceed my sky-high expectations.
Charles (60), CEO, Santa Monica
You were completely right! I love his personality, his sense of humor, and the way he speaks to me. I have never felt so heard, so seen and so respected. I feel we are compatible in every area that is important to me. I am being open to the unfolding of it all. I want to keep getting to know him on all levels.
Laura (41), Consultant, Orange County
From what I know about the other agencies, no one spends the amount of time and energy that April does. She gets it. She asks the questions that matter, she digs deep. She’s the absolute best at what she does.
Mark (53), Physician, Orange County
The profile builder is quick, convenient, thorough and I loved the guidance I received throughout. It was easy and efficient but I still felt heard and cared for. I liked that the questions were direct and pointed and I could tell you were trying to get at the heart of the matter rather than let me ramble. The combination of the profile and the brief interview was perfect. I feel like you’ll really have a sense of me and what’s most important to me.
Kim (30), Art Director, Los Angeles
Greetings from Rome! Kristy and I got engaged last night. I cannot overstate how grateful I am to you for introducing us. She is perfect on all LEVEL's. Thank you. You are the best!
David (46), VP of Marketing, San Diego
With April’s help I have truly found my soul mate. April, I sincerely thank you for bringing such a wonderful, charming, spiritual, handsome, down to earth, sexy, funny, romantic partner into my life. The matchmaking service you provide is truly exceptional and we will both be forever grateful.
Shannon (37), Teacher, Los Angeles
I really appreciate your thoughtfulness about how to approach this journey for me.
TJ (45), Trader, San Francisco
The LEVEL questionnaire is quite intriguing. It is top notch. It made me stop and think about several things.
Lisa (35), Nurse Practitioner, Los Angeles
I had a fabulous time with Rachel, The best first date I’ve ever had!
Sean (40), Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, Entrepreneur
I dated a LOT and had a really hard time meeting the kind of high-caliber men that I was looking for—that is, until I met April. It was truly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I met amazing men through her and would recommend her service to anyone.
Helen (37), Photographer, Los Angeles
Thank you April…you found an angel for me.
Jared (56), Attorney, San Francisco
I really felt a sense of safety and security in learning how much care and thought you provide to each of your clients. It was such a relief to hear there are some good men out there!!
Angelina (34), Entrepreneur, Los Angeles
Things have been going really well with John, and I feel that our chemistry is growing. He’s a really great guy. You guys really nailed it on this match! Thank you!
Christine, Consultant, San Francisco
April really takes the time to get to know each of us. When April says she has someone to introduce me to, I know there is a real chance for chemistry—not just another name drawn out of a hat as with some of her competitors.
Dan, Real Estate Developer, Los Angeles
As a journalist going through LEVEL, I thought the questions were intuitive, thoughtful, and very intelligent. I actually caught myself trying to answer as the person I aspired to be rather than the person I actually am, but the repetition forces a really honest answer. I'm grateful for that. I left the process thinking I know myself a little better, and this was valuable in terms of what I bring into a relationship. I know I can expect that the introductions will be very well-thought out, intuitive and personal.
Charlene (31), Journalist, Los Angeles
The moment I started the application, I realized this was something very different. April, you've created a holistic, thorough and yet simple process for us. It made me realize I haven't been looking deep enough at my life or choices. Thank you!
Laurence (46), CFO, San Francisco
I was truly impressed with the level of depth in the pointed questions. There is a lot of thorough exploration about who somebody is and that felt good.
Kathy (29), Therapist, Santa Monica
I feel wonderful to have the opportunity to work, learn, and grow with an incredibly intuitive, intelligent, and interested person such as yourself.
Jeff (43), Entrepreneur, San Francisco
LEVEL has an A++ quality to it... I strive to be my best self and April's approach resonates with me.
Serena (37), Business Development Manager, San Deigo
After looking at the profiles you sent me, it’s just a different class of women than what I’ve found on apps.
John (58), Entrepreneur, Los Angeles
I cannot predict the future but he is amazing and I appreciate LEVEL so much for gifting me Jared!
Katie (36), Educator, Orange County
I really appreciate your taking the time to respond as you did and with such perception. I feel lucky to have met you and ready to pursue the future you describe.
Edward (42), Director of Photography, Los Angeles
I had a fantastic time and the date could not have gone better. I look forward to seeing him again. :)
Tania (48), Broadcaster, Los Angeles
I had another great evening with Lisa and think she is just a fantastic lady. As pretty as she is, I'm even more attracted to who she is as a person.
Brad (55), CEO, San Diego
Your unique profile process has felt great, so thorough, intentional and very comprehensive. I really love the questions you ask. It really builds trust in what you're doing. It feels very thoughtful, rigorous and caring. Thank you. I'm excited to be a part of this!
Kaitlyn (38), Entrepreneur/Consultant
It's been such a pleasure to work with you, and it is especially encouraging when a business like LEVEL is so responsive to their customers. You genuinely took my feedback and acted positively as a result - that rarely happens in any kind of business today.
Theo (32), Sales, Orange County
I've been so impressed with your model/process. I have worked with a number of elite matchmakers and I must say hands down, you and your team are standouts...as disruptors and leaders and meaningful content providers. Most importantly, your love for what you do is so evident; its infectious!
Tiffany (41), Entrepreneur/Business Owner
I just have to tell you, you are very good at what you do!" My goal was to try to date more seriously...and that has been achieved!
Jacob (35), Tech Business Owner
Thank you for setting me up with such a hottie. ;) I’m very happy.
Chris (38), CEO, Los Angeles
Thanks again for everything! I really do appreciate you and the crew- it’s not just talk. You changed my life!
Richard (47), Attorney, Santa Monica
You’ve got options, we’re here to help you choose the right one.