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The excellence of LEVELTM lies in the details.


Tony Robbins is famous for saying, “Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

Below you’ll find detailed answers to the questions you have about LEVELTM. I am proud of the way that I have been able to evolve traditional matchmaking to offer you an exclusive experience with more potential at an affordable price. The results are clear with LEVEL, as the majority of our male clients finding relationship success within eight dates.

What is LEVEL?

LEVEL is a revolutionary matchmaking and dating service, powered by real-life matchmakers and AI machine learning technology to support, vet, qualify and screen introductions for professional singles. LEVEL is the first of its kind dating service to make matchmaking affordable and more effective than any other traditional service. LEVEL is uniquely designed by leading matchmaker and dating expert April Beyer to save you time, money and frustration by supporting every aspect of your search for love.

I'm a single man and interested in what you offer. How can I become a member of LEVEL?

We ask that you complete a brief inquiry so we can learn more about you and the type of woman you're looking to meet. Once we receive your inquiry, we'll review and schedule a 20-minute complimentary call with you. If you're interested and we feel we're a good fit for you, we'll have your dedicated agent reach out to meet you virtually. Then, the introductions can begin!

Do you accept everyone who would like to join?

No. LEVEL is a private membership and only men who we have been vetted, interviewed and approved will be invited to join LEVEL. Women are asked to complete a FREE application through a proprietary screening and interview process to maintain the integrity of our Network. We're not right for everyone and not everyone is right for us. If you're fantastic, single, ready for a serious relationship, confident and outgoing, then we will be interested in getting to know you.

What do you look for in your male members?

We love working with men who have a good understanding of who they are and open-minded to our suggestions for introductions. Men between the ages of 35-65 and ready for a relationship.

What type of women are in your Network?

The thousands of women who have been approved to be in our Network are typically between the ages of 25-65, attractive, single, healthy-mind, body and spirit, confident, outgoing, intelligent, sophisticated, feminine and ready for a wonderful man to share their lives with. We DO NOT accept those that upload photos with sunglasses, hats, or selfies.

What is the EVT Matching QuizTM technology?

Our EVT Matching QuizTM is April Beyer’s proprietary AI machine learning technology that is based on 10 Emotional Value Triggers (EVT) that create attraction, chemistry and meaningful relationships. Think of us at the "Myers Briggs for the Heart." Our proven matching technology identifies matches that score a high compatibility with your true core values, traits and personal lifestyle goals to help you find your best match to build a lasting relationship.

What cities and areas do you cover?

We currently focus members in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Newport Beach and the San Francisco Bay Area. However we do have members across the country and welcome your inquiry for when we open our introductions to your city.

As a male client, how many introductions will I receive with a membership?

At LEVEL, we believe in quality over quantity. We'll be sending you only the introductions that align most with your values, passions, desired attributes, lifestyle and goals. Our goal is to send out on behalf of our male clients two or more qualified, fully vetted introduction each week to women in our Network. The number of dates you have each month will depend on the how open-minded you are to our qualified suggestions. We make the introduction and suggestion, you make the match!

I'm on a few different dating apps. How will LEVEL provide me with better introductions?

Dating sites and dating apps make you do all the work and are based on superficial parameters and filters. LEVEL provides a more meaningful, sophisticated and thoughtful approach to dating and finding love. Dating apps don't offer the expertise, curated introductions or human support. We qualify and interview all of our male members and the single, fantastic women in our Network. Our intelligent and intuitive technology and EVT MatchingTM created by our Founder and CEO, April Beyer, supports and expedites the personal matchmaking experience but does not replace it. We believe that with LEVEL, you'll no longer be drawn to the dating apps that tend to create frustration, mistrust and failed attempts at love. Your time is valuable and LEVEL is designed to make dating more effortless and rewarding. LEVEL is a private and exclusive personal Matchmaking service supported by sophisticated and modern technology to help you get away from your screen and out on real dates.

As a male client, how many dates can I expect to go on before finding success?

Depending on how open-minded you are to the qualified introductions provided, we typically see our male clients find a successful meaningful connection within 8 to 10 first dates.

What is the price for a male membership with LEVEL?

Your membership is complimentary to get started!

What is the price of an application for women with LEVEL?

Women are invited to apply to our exclusive and private Network for FREE. This way more women can participate without investing high membership fees that other services charge and fail to deliver.

As a woman in your FREE Network, how often can I expect to hear from you?

If our expert and trained staff see mutual alignment of core values, needs, passions and life goals between your profile and one of our male members, we'll send you his profile first for your approval. Your profile is never browsed by our male members and we're behind each and every match. We believe in quality over quantity and prefer the women in our Network to subscribe to this effective philosophy that LEVEL is built on. We have an exclusive Network of fantastic women, but unlike a crowded dating App or local bar, you'll never feel like you're lost in the shuffle due to so many women looking for the same man. With LEVEL, you have no competition. Every woman who completes an application is unique, with a different background and story. Therefore, no two profiles are alike. We recommend and suggest that you allow LEVEL to work in the background of your life. If we have a great man to introduce to you, you'll hear from us and receive a profile with his photos, our thoughts on who he is and why you should meet. At that time, you'll have the ability to accept or decline the introduction. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You never know when we might have just the perfect single man for you to meet!

What are the photo requirements?

We are very particular about the images of our men and women and require everyone in our network to have the best representation of themselves as possible! Your photos should convey an initial greeting: "Hi, I’m...I’d love to meet you!” (Attractive, Approachable, Sexy, Inviting, Friendly and Warm)

- Color photos of "you" only
- Less than 1-year old photos
- Clear, professional, natural lighting
- Give the appearance of how you would show up for a date
- One head-shot and one full-length
- Two others of your choice

- Selfies
- Sunglasses or hats
- Alcohol/party atmosphere
- Friends/family in photos
- Low resolution, grainy, blurry photos

Online dating and apps have created a lazy, selfie environment so we encourage and invite our members to step it up with LEVEL. (* Inquire about using our professional staff of photographers at our reduced membership rate.)

You’ve got options, we’re here to help you choose the right one.