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LEVEL is the first of its kind, delivering a bespoke, white-glove, and above all, successful matchmaking experience. Founded by a renowned professional matchmaker, April Beyer brings over 25 years of experience in creating relationships that stand the test of time.

At LEVEL, we work directly with successful, relationship-minded men, ensuring a focused approach toward finding a suitable partner. Women are invited to join our network, giving you access to the kind of high-caliber individuals you might not encounter in typical dating apps.

Our innovative approach marries the expertise of our founder with cutting-edge machine learning technology to create an exclusive all-in-one personal matchmaking and relationship consulting solution.

We take great care in meticulously vetting, qualifying, and screening introductions to ensure that only the most ideal matches are presented to you. Our thoughtfully crafted process focuses on ten shared core value traits vital for relationship success, along with our proprietary EVT Matching™ technology, which unites intelligent and intuitive technology with the human touch. All ensure that every match has the potential for long-term compatibility.

At LEVEL, our commitment is to bring you vetted, high-quality connections, giving you peace of mind and saving you valuable time as you navigate the dating world. Experience the pinnacle of matchmaking services with LEVEL, where our unmatched expertise, advanced technology, and commitment to quality create a genuinely bespoke and sophisticated experience. Let us elevate your love connection to new heights.

Vetted Introductions

Save hours of searching for dates with our proprietary EVT Matching Quiz™, a powerful tool that gets to the core of who you are and what you desire by identifying your true values, traits, and lifestyle goals, leading you to that last first date.

Authentic Matches

Our meticulous profile verification process prioritizes authenticity and guarantees a genuine connection. We ensure everyone you meet is trustworthy using verified photos, social media checks, and our 3 step interview process.

Intuitive Guidance

Gain valuable insights and personalized feedback based on your dating experience to ensure you are confident and informed when making decisions about your romantic future.

Intelligent Matchmaking

Experience intelligent matchmaking services with our white-glove touch. Your introductions are thoughtfully selected from the most suitable matches, and you’ll receive in-depth, personal insights to ensure meaningful and successful dates.

Start Your Matchmaking Journey

Let’s get to know each other

We want to know the real you, delving into your hobbies, profession, values, passions, lifestyle, and relationship goals. Our personalized approach ensures we find the perfect partner who aligns with your unique desires.

Take Our EVT Matching Quiz™

Our proprietary quiz and profile builder is the first step to getting to know you better and generates quality connections tailored to your core values. Learn what you truly seek in a partner and find your perfect match.

Personalized Support

As our esteemed client, you’ll receive one-on-one matchmaking support and expert dating guidance. Our exclusive approach combines our founder’s professional matchmaking expertise with advanced machine-learning technology for matches that are hand-selected just for you.

The First Date

Once matched, you’re in control. Confidently approve and schedule your date, and take advantage of our expert advice along the way to ensure a remarkable experience.

Reflect & Refine

Tell us all about your dating experience. Your feedback is crucial to help us continuously improve your professional matchmaking service and create even better connections moving forward.

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Our Vows

Finding true love takes more than just endlessly swiping through profiles, so we vow to delve deep to truly understand who you are and match quality with quality. We see you as a unique individual, with your rich set of experiences, qualities, and ambitions shaping the lifelong partnership you seek. Our curated approach ensures that your dating experience is nothing short of exceptional, successful, and enjoyable, and we commit to tailoring our professional matchmaking services to your needs so that it leads to meaningful and lasting connections.

About Us

To Guide and Support

We vow to be your compassionate, understanding, and expert guide throughout the entire professional matchmaking process. Our mission is to find someone who not only matches your values but also connects with you on the deepest level, so we take the time to truly understand who you are, your unique preferences, and what really matters to you in a relationship.

To Match Quality for Quality

We vow to take the frustration out of dating and match you with the best right out of the gate. No more wasting time on endless dates that go nowhere. We meticulously handpick high-quality, carefully-vetted matches tailored to your unique preferences and only introduce you to partners who align with your values, lifestyle goals, relationship desires, and communication style.

To Lead with Respect

We vow to create a safe and respectful environment where you can confidently explore new connections. Our unwavering dedication to inspiring comfortable and supportive environments is the cornerstone of fostering meaningful and lasting relationships. Building connections is a journey of vulnerability and trust, and we are honored to support that journey for you.

To be Open and Transparent

We vow to communicate openly and honestly, providing you with regular feedback throughout the entire matchmaking process. At our matchmaking agency, we value your thoughts, feelings, and insights and encourage you to share them with us. Together, we'll embark on an enjoyable journey toward lasting connection, where every step is guided by mutual understanding and trust.

Answers on a Higher LEVEL

What sets LEVEL apart from other dating apps or services?

At LEVEL, we hold ourselves to a higher standard because we believe that finding love and creating truly meaningful connections deserves a sincere and sophisticated approach. Our exclusive matchmaking agency, led by professional matchmaker April Beyer, leverages the power of cutting-edge machine learning technology which enables our expert matchmaking staff to focus on creating connections, building meaningful relationships and supporting our clients.

With detailed interviews and extensive qualifications, we ensure that you are introduced to five-star matches who align with your values and preferences. Our holistic approach focuses on ten Shared Core Value traits crucial for relationship success, while our revolutionary EVT Matching™ blends intuitive technology with a human touch to expedite the process without sacrificing personal connection.

We understand your time is valuable, so our professional matchmaking service is designed to be effortless and rewarding. We create a safe, respectful, and comfortable environment where meaningful connections can flourish. We’re not just in the business of matching you with someone to date; we’re on a mission to help you find someone to love on your LEVEL – a connection that transcends.

What is LEVEL's professional matchmaking process?

As the premier matchmaker in Los Angeles, we believe in the art of meaningful matchmaking. We understand that finding a genuine connection with a like-minded individual is a journey that requires trust, thoughtfulness, and uncompromising quality. That’s why we’ve meticulously crafted a unique matching process that combines the expertise of human insight with advanced machine learning technology to thoroughly vet, qualify, and screen your introductions.

It all begins with your initial application, where we take the time to understand your preferences and relationship goals. Once you become our client, our proprietary EVT Matching Quiz™ delves deeper into your core values to uncover what truly matters to you in a partner. This attention to detail allows us to create a comprehensive profile that guides our matching process toward your perfect fit.

Once we thoroughly understand your preferences and values, we will handpick potential connections who align with your goals and personality. Every match is carefully curated, introducing you to individuals who share your aspirations and desires.

With LEVEL as your professional matchmaker, your journey is not just about making introductions. Our process has been rigorously tested and proven to create successful matches, leading to meaningful and lasting connections with less than 1% divorce rate. We provide personalized guidance and support throughout the process, from pre-date preparation to post-date insights and feedback. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, ensuring that your dates are enjoyable, productive, and aligned with your relationship goals. We deliver thoughtful, high-quality matchmaking services that exceed your expectations.

What makes the EVT Matching Quiz™ technology so powerful?

At the heart of our sophisticated approach is our proprietary EVT Matching Quiz™, developed by renowned relationship expert and Los Angeles matchmaker April Beyer and powered by AI machine learning technology. Our unique system is built on identifying the ten Emotional Value Triggers (EVT) that lead to attraction, chemistry, and meaningful relationships, making us your “Myers Briggs for the Heart.”

Our proven matching technology goes beyond surface-level characteristics, looking deep into your core values, traits, and personal lifestyle goals. We understand that compatibility is about more than just preferences, and our EVT Matching Quiz™ identifies matches that align with your true essence to create lasting connections.

Who is the LEVEL woman?

The LEVEL women we accept into our network embody the qualities that our discerning male clients seek in a partner. Our network is composed of thousands of thoroughly vetted women who have been diligently chosen through a rigorous selection process, ensuring that they exemplify the true beauty of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Ranging in age from 25 to 65, the women in our curated network are divinely intelligent, confidently outgoing, and sophisticated. They are ready to share their lives with a wonderful man, someone on their LEVEL, who can truly respect and appreciate all that they are at their core.

At LEVEL, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We believe that showcasing authenticity is paramount, which is why we do not accept women who upload photos with sunglasses, hats, or selfies. Our unwavering commitment to thoughtfulness and quality ensures that every woman in our network embodies the qualities essential to building a lasting and meaningful relationship.

How does LEVEL ensure the quality of its matches?

As your dedicated matchmaking company, we understand that quality is key to successful matchmaking. That’s why we uphold rigorous standards to ensure that each match meets our unwavering criteria. Our meticulous high-end matchmaking screening process begins with thorough vetting and interviews of all our male clients. Only those who align with our high standards are invited to join LEVEL’s exclusive private membership.

For women interested in joining our network, we have a free but comprehensive application process that includes our proprietary screening and interview process. This meticulous approach allows us to maintain the utmost integrity of our network, ensuring that we only introduce you to matches who are genuine, confident, and ready for a meaningful, long-term relationship.

What should I expect after the first date?

After your first date, our matchmaking agency will discuss how the date went, using your invaluable feedback to help us refine your matchmaking process to create even better matches in the future.

If the date goes well and you’re interested in pursuing a meaningful relationship, we’ll work with you to schedule another date with your match to continue to explore the potential of your connection.

We will provide personalized guidance and support throughout the dating process, so you can feel confident and at ease as you embark on this exciting journey of exploring new connections.

How does LEVEL ensure my privacy and confidentiality?

At LEVEL professional matchmaking service, we hold your privacy and confidentiality in the highest regard. We understand that trust is essential, and we take every measure to protect your personal information throughout the process. Our service is completely offline and private, and your profile is only visible to our team, who work diligently to find you the best possible matches.

Your privacy is our top priority, and we go the extra mile to ensure your experience with us is personalized and tailored to your needs. We work with you to understand your unique preferences, relationship goals, and aspirations to hand-select matches that align with your vision of an ideal partner and create a safe and respectful space for you to confidently explore new connections.

What is the investment for LEVEL's matchmaking service?

Finding love is an investment in your future happiness. We understand that your needs and preferences are unique, which is why our professional matchmaking services are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our pricing structure is designed to provide you with flexibility and transparency, ensuring that you receive the level of service that best aligns with your expectations.

For our male clients, the application process is complimentary. Our pricing structure for private membership varies depending on the level of service you require, and we’ll work with you to find the best fit for your needs. Women are invited to apply to our exclusive and private network for FREE.

Contact us today to learn more about our packages and pricing options and take the first step toward finding your perfect match.

What is LEVEL's Success Rate?

At LEVEL, our success is not solely measured by the number of matches we make but by the quality of the relationships that are formed. We take pride in our matchmaking services approach, which has resulted in hundreds of long-lasting connections and marriages, boasting an impressive divorce rate of less than 1%.

Our team goes above and beyond to truly understand your unique relationship goals. We take the time to listen and carefully craft personalized matches that have the potential to lead to lasting love. We believe that every individual deserves a meaningful and fulfilling relationship, and we are dedicated to helping you find the love you’re looking for.

How long until I meet my match?

Our LEVEL approach is thoughtful and thorough, leading to quality matches. We take the time to understand your unique preferences and provide you with the most qualified and fully-vetted introductions.

When a female client in our private network is an ideal match with one of our LEVEL members, we will reach out for approval prior to creating the connection. For our male clients, the number of dates you have each month will depend on your openness to our suggestions, but we typically see successful and meaningful connections formed within 8 to 10 first dates.

Our focus is on creating connections that align with your values, passions, desired attributes, lifestyle, and goals. We take pride in our attention to detail, curating introductions with care and expertise so you can find love on your LEVEL.

What happens if it's not a match?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you’re not interested in pursuing a relationship with someone you’ve been introduced to, simply share your feedback with us. We value your input and understand that not every match may be the perfect fit, and that’s perfectly fine. With your input, our matchmaking agency will refine the process, continually improving and creating connections that align with your values and preferences. We aim to provide you with a supportive and respectful environment where you can feel comfortable and confident meeting new matches.

How often will I be introduced to new matches?

Our commitment to quality over quantity sets us apart. We understand that finding a meaningful and lasting connection requires time and care, which is why our approach to matchmaking is highly personalized.

While we can’t guarantee a specific number of matches, we promise to introduce you to partners who align with your values and preferences and whom we believe have the best potential for a meaningful connection.

Our goal is to curate genuinely compatible matches with the potential to lead to a lasting relationship. We prioritize your comfort and enjoyment, working with you every step of the way to ensure that you’re meeting potential matches at a pace that feels right for you.

What kind of feedback can I expect after a date, and how will it be used to improve my matches?

At LEVEL, we understand that open communication and feedback are vital to building successful, meaningful connections. After each date, you’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with our team. We will then provide you with personalized feedback and invaluable insights. This feedback is designed to help you reflect on your dating experience, identify areas for growth, and guide you on your dating journey.

But we take it a step further. Your feedback is a critical aspect of improving your future matches, and our team carefully considers your input, along with other data points, to fine-tune our matching algorithm and find improved connections for you. This means that the more feedback you provide, the more tailored and successful your matches will become.

We take pride in our unwavering commitment to providing personalized, attentive, and responsive service to our clients, and our feedback process is a testament to that commitment. Our ultimate goal is to create an enjoyable dating experience that ultimately leads to a meaningful relationship. Your feedback is an essential part of that process, and we value your thoughts and insights as we work together to create a dating journey that exceeds your expectations.

What locations do you cover?

We’re the premier matchmaker in Los Angeles, and we proudly serve members in several other areas, such as San Diego, Orange County, Newport Beach, and the San Francisco Bay Area. However, we also have members located across the country. We welcome your inquiry as we strive to provide our services to individuals nationwide with the same level of trustworthiness, thoughtfulness, and quality that we uphold in our current locations. We look forward to bringing our high-end matchmaker expertise to your area in the near future.

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