What Makes You a “Catch?”

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It’s simple. It’s about how you MAKE someone feel. It’s not about your looks, your body, the money you make, the car you drive, the places you’ve traveled or your education and career. There is no such thing as “A Catch” across the board. If beauty and brains were everything, then there wouldn’t be any hot and smart women sitting home alone on a Friday night.

When a man goes out with a woman for the first time or talks to her in a bar, he is coming away from that initial interaction with a new feeling about himself after being with you. The same holds true for women. Did he give her butterflies?

Men are visual AND visceral.

If a woman makes an emotional and physical connection with a man, she’s guaranteed to get interest from him. If he doesn’t call for a 2nd date or even ask you out for a 1st date, then one or both of those things are missing. It doesn’t matter if you have a list of amazing qualities if you didn’t connect with him.

Women want to feel safe.

In my experience as a professional matchmaker, I’ve met thousands of women, all with a unique story to tell, diverse backgrounds, upbringing, education, faith, beliefs, and personalities. But, there’s a common thread that runs through every woman whether she’s conscious of this or not.

6 things that make you a catch:

You Listen.

You get more out of listening than you do by talking.  You’ll learn not only stories but also behavior. Pay attention, see through the sparks, and get the information you need to keep someone engaged OR decide maybe they aren’t right for you.

You Use Your Body Language.

Believe it or not, you’re interesting in your silent moments! Non-verbal communication is equally as important as verbal. Your eyes, expression, and body tell so much.

You Compliment.

Men love compliments too. Remember, HE needs to FEEL amazing when he’s with you. Not THINK you’re amazing. Understanding that difference is a key to creating chemistry.

You Smile.

Women need to be more friendly out there. Throw a guy a bone! Smiling makes men feel safe to come up and talk to you. Happy women get more dates.

You Reveal.

Don’t story tell. Share your feelings.  Another big difference here. Instead of talking about your failure and how you grew from them, simply be open and allow people to see the REAL you. You’re not the sum of your travels and career. Everything that makes you unique and beautiful lies within you. No need for posturing, impressing or auditioning. Just be YOU!

You Trust.  

This means trust yourself. Become friends with your instincts. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your fears are your instincts. How to tell the difference? Sit in the quiet and listen to what they are telling you. Use them as a guide. Trust is not something you wait to give to someone. When you truly TRUST YOURSELF you will begin to make great choices for your future.

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Would you still suggest a man approach a women when she does not smile after making brief eye contact?

A woman who doesn’t smile after making eye contact may just be nervous, so it’s not always the best gauge. However, my advice is to make sure you come across as warm and friendly and if you don’t get the same energy back, then don’t approach.

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