Three Ways to Improve Your Love Life

improve your love life

If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your love life in 2020, I’m here to help. 

Perhaps it’s time to hit the reset button and, although I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, I definitely believe in shifting a behavior when it no longer serves you.

Although you can’t control when you’ll meet your life partner, you have tremendous power to attract the right kind of men into your life. There’s a special kind of faith that’s required to be truly happy in your single days. It’s a quiet knowing that no matter what today looks like, you have hope for a better tomorrow.

People tend to ditch hope all the time, but that’s because hope alone is not enough. Hope isn’t the main dish in your search for love, it’s the side dish! You need far more on your plate to be truly nourished and satisfied.

Here are Three Ways To Improve Your Love Life in 2020


There is nothing sexier and more attractive than a woman who knows herself. Take this time to do a deep dive into you. Start a journal. Get clear on your core needs, values, how you want to be treated, what is most important to your happiness, the aspects of you that make you a great partner and with this, you’ll feel confident and strong. You’ll be able to choose wisely and attract more quality men into your life. If you don’t know what you need, a man won’t either. Don’t wait until you meet someone to ask for things that you aren’t already giving to yourself. It’s too big of an ask and you’ll end up drawing in people through your confusion. This is how women give away their power all the time and the results are less than wonderful. Knowledge is power. Stay away from superficial lists of wants. This is your time to update and prioritize if what you’ve been doing (or not doing) isn’t bringing you closer to the personal life you desire.


Everything valuable in your life has come through perseverance, dedication, and practice. Yes? You can set intentions, create a vision board and chat endlessly with your friends about your dream guy, but it’s meaningless if you aren’t putting your self-knowledge into practical action. Whatever part of your life feels like it’s not getting enough attention, it’s simply because you aren’t putting the right kind of energy around it. Practice connecting with men on a daily basis without worrying about the outcome. Toss your list and get out and meet new people. Say yes to more dates, yes, even if a man isn’t your typical type. Practice speaking your truth without fear or scarcity. Practice sharing more of your joy, warmth, and compliments with perfect strangers. Keep going and don’t stop. Do it because you love connection, not because you’re laser-focused on meeting your forever guy. You are one woman 24/7. Live fully expressed at all times.


You are only 50% of the equation when it comes to relationships. I know you’ve been longing, swiping, wishing, hoping and looking for a great partner. You’re exhausted and ready for a change. You deserve it, after all. You’re a fantastic woman with a great deal to offer. But, that’s not the way the universe works. Being a couple requires the intention, need, readiness and desire of two people. You can’t possibly do enough work for both of you. Put your focus on your own life, while creating an open space to receive a new and wonderful partner into your life. If he hasn’t arrived yet, there’s something more to be learned or additional information to be received. Just trust that if you’re fully expressed, happy, and putting out the right type of signals, love will happen when it’s your time. Maintain your focus on your own path, and never compare your journey to anyone else’s. Impatience isn’t sexy nor does it serve you in any way.

Above All, Know This

You are wonderful and complete as you are. The best relationships are formed from two healthy people looking for the same things at the same time. I’ve seen love elude people for their entire lives, only to see it magically shift overnight. Never underestimate the power of a dash of hope. Add to that knowledge, practice, and patience and you’re well on your way. Your life is moving in the right direction whether you have physical proof of a relationship or not. You’re so much closer than you think.

Cheers to LOVE in 2020! -April

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