How to Be Open to Creating Chemistry.

Recently I sat down at Focus TV with Dr. Erin Haskell, a life coach and thought leader, to discuss the “turmoil” among “the swipers” in other words, the confusion, and frustration created by technology that is supposed to make meeting people and dating easier and more efficient. Dating apps have created a disconnect between people.

You know this already, and yet, you still might be swiping in hopes of meeting that special someone.  The reality, is that I see how it’s changing people and I don’t think it’s for the better. Men have always been visceral, but women are inherently sensual.  We find chemistry with more than just our eyes. It’s the way a man speaks, the smile he brings to our face, the presence he commands in a room and so much more. Apps have made both genders highly superficial in terms of looks and careers. After all, if you’re on a dating app, you don’t get to make your choices from much more than that.

In this interview, I try to help you cut through the chaos and focus on how you can be more open to opportunities to meet new people and create chemistry.

I often talk about creating chemistry because most people think it’s a spark.  Chemistry can feel like a “love at first sight” moment, but more often you’ll discover a connection when you actively work to find it.

What’s missing on most dates are thoughtful questions that garner an emotional experience or response.  If you don’t create that connection, you’re forgettable. if you do, the other person wakes up the next day thinking about you!

This is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the advice I share in this interview. Sit back, relax and dive in.

I’d love your thoughts, comments or dating questions below in the comments section.

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Great segment…

What I most liked was that April mirrored what I teach… Friendship (with Kissing) Based Dating vs. Attraction (Romance) Based Dating.

Lots of good content in the episode… well done.

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