How Important is Chemistry?

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What are the ingredients for love? Is it possible for a relationship to bloom if the chemistry isn’t there?

Relationships can only survive when there’s both emotional and physical chemistry. Otherwise, every nice person to come along who shares your interests would be your girlfriend or boyfriend. Chemistry is often immediate, but it can also be developed.

Superficial. To be or Not to Be?

Considering only the physical attributes, checking off boxes on your list, you fear looking superficial.  Physical attraction is undeniable, but it’s not a foundation for a bond or relationship. Attraction and chemistry are also biological, and can’t be reduced to a look or height. Otherwise, love would just be for the pretty, handsome and tall.

I’m 5’8″ and was once completely infatuated with a man who stood about 5’5″. His energy, voice, humor, personality outshone our height difference.

Spending time with someone.

Time spent with someone can actually create attraction. When you get to know someone, understand their values, inspire deeper conversation to learn WHY people do what they do, you’ll see past the physical and uncover an emotional connection. That connection is where you will build a bond that will outlast appearance.  Looks fade!

Chemistry CAN be created.  Click here to read how. 

If you like someone, you should feel a responsibility to create that chemistry, not for their sake, but for your own.

Stay open to meeting people who don’t check the boxes on your list. I always encourage my clients to throw away your list!

One of the benefits of LEVEL is that when we send you introductions, we have matched you based on values for your emotional and physical compatibility!

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