The Future of Dating: Embrace It

the future of dating

The future of dating is going to look very different from what we’re used to.

I’m already seeing a shift in people: Everyone is reaching just a little deeper. These are unprecedented times, my friend. It’s only natural that we would evolve after going through a crisis of this level.

We’re going to come out of this and when we do, we’ll be better for it.  We’re being confronted with all aspects of our personal lives. The isolation from friends, family and loved ones and the daily quarantine with partners and families has everyone feeling a sense of longing for what was. Suddenly, friends who didn’t see one another for months are creating FaceTime cocktail and dinner parties.

It’s as if something has to be taken away for us to remember what’s most important.

Social gatherings and events have been canceled.

Connection isn’t cancelled.

Without connection, we are lost. Yes, distance yourself physically, but not emotionally.

What You Can Do To Make a Positive Shift

Start leveling up your communication style. When the world rights itself, and it will, those who are prepared to be bold, authentic, and easy to read, will be the ones who shine.

The disconnect, confusion, and sense of rejection caused by dating apps paired with the current need for physical isolation will create a greater need for companionship, relationship and love. If you’re still playing by the old rules, you’re going to struggle.

The Future of Dating Redefined

The idea of dating might seem superficial right now considering we’re fighting for our lives and careers, and I get it. It might be the last thing on your mind with all you’re dealing with. But, are we thinking of dating the wrong way?

A date is not a means to an end. It’s not a chore to get into a relationship or a way to qualify someone as quickly as possible so you don’t waste your time.

A date is an opportunity to connect, reveal, learn and share with someone new in your life. 

To look at dating in any other light will create too much frustration, posturing, sadness and fewer opportunities to meet the person you’re meant to share your life with.

Keeping your eye on the target of “finding a relationship’ keeps you from enjoying the moments and your life in general. In my twenty years of experience in the dating industry, I can tell you that those who looked forward to new connections and enjoyed the dating process were the ones who found love the fastest. Interesting, right? Everything else you’ve been taught tells you that you need to drive your personal life the way you drive your career. Not so. It’s the diffused focus that allows you to see everything around you.

The Silver Lining

Dating will look different in the future. Courtship is going to make a come back. As soon as the restrictions for physical distancing are lifted, people will be ready to listen closer, linger longer and jump for the opportunity to sit and chat with you to get to know one another. We’ll see a shift in how attentive people become on dates. The amount of text messages will decrease as the invitations to speak on the phone will increase. The thoughtless swiping will drift away as people will no longer be thought of as just a photo or bio to quickly dismiss. If we’ve learned anything during this time, it’s that our connections and our health are our most valuable commodities.

You can jump in now and start creating lasting connections. Yes, even now when we’re in quarantine. Connect with potential partners on the phone. Ask the deeper and more meaningful questions that create closeness. Schedule FaceTime or Zoom date nights. It’s all possible. Right in front of you. And up to you to find the silver lining and create a beautiful life.


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