Target your mindset, not your relationship status.

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Whether you’ve been dating for years or you’re just starting to get back out there, dating can be a daunting experience filled with ups and a few too many downs.

While you may be tired of sitting at the kids table, stuck searching for a plus one, here are 5 tips to keep your mind and perspective on track when all you want to do is give up.

  • Take your eye off the “Relationship Target.”

Love is not something you can plan or strategize.  If you’re too focused on finding the perfect one who checks off every box on your list, you’re going to put yourself in a constant place of feeling like you’re failing and that is simply not the reality of the situation. Keep your eyes and heart open while you are living your life instead of living your life to find a partner.

  • Dating is not a learned behavior.  

To find a great love, you have to be totally and completely YOU. The way you laugh, move, the things you talk about, how you share. Dating is no different! You are an amazing person, let people know YOU.  Being strong and definant is not attractive.  In fact it just maintains the space between you and your potential partner.  Allow yourself to be vulnerable and loveable and you’ll get those things in return from someone who is interestd in you.

  • Timing IS everything.

Do YOUR part as time passes. Continue to grow and learn more about yourself, be the perfect package, not to meet someone but rather to know yourself. Your partner may be just around the corner investing in his life in preparation for meeting you!

  • LOVE your single journey.

Single is a temporary status. It is not permanent even though it may feel that way at times. There is a freedom that singlehood gives you that you won’t have with a partner.  Enjoy it now. Fall in love with your life. Love is like a magnet that is pulled in the direction of people who are happy and already loving their lives.

  • You are given what you are ready to receive.

We all think that love should just be granted to us because we want it. Not so. The universe has a funny way of giving us what we are ready to receive. Practice this on a daily basis with people you know and meet. The universe sees you and you are taken care of.

When you are ready for love, to date with an open mind, to find a real relationship, you’re ready to meet someone on your LEVEL.

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