An Unexpected Challenge In Your Dating Life

It’s a popular (yet false) belief that men need to be convinced to be in relationships while all women are ready and waiting to dive in. Not necessarily true. Women go through their own stages of readiness and although they may say they’d like to meet a great guy, their actions can prove otherwise.

I recently covered this topic during my weekly Facebook Live session.  If you haven’t tuned in yet, you can replay the session here and get a feeling for the experience.  Both women and men come to my Facebook Page to watch the stream and write their questions in the comments. I invite you to join us!

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Below is a recap of my relationship-readiness session in the video above.

How To Tell If She Is READY To Date Seriously:

1. Responsiveness:  She returns your call/text the same day. She doesn’t ghost you, play games or make you jump through hoops to reach her.

2. Availability: She makes time for you and prioritizes her dates with you rather than fitting you into her life.

3. Curiosity: She wants to know about you, your life, passions, work, family and basically anything that makes you tick. Her questions are meaningful because she cares, not because she’s sizing you up.

4. Capacity: She’s over the ex: This means, the anger and sadness from her break up is behind her. She has the emotional bandwidth to share her life with someone and doesn’t need you to heal her wounds.

5. Positivity: Your job isn’t making her happy, she’s already happy and has a positive attitude about men, dating, love and sex.

6. Partnership: She doesn’t wait for you to come up with all the plans. She collaborates with you quickly showing you her need, desire and readiness to be part of a team.

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