Propose this Question to Yourself When You Feel You Want to Get Married.

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“Am I honestly ready for the responsibility of marriage?”

Most people don’t think about responsibility when they think about marriage.  You are looking for companionship, unconditional love, and unwavering support.  Those things come with commitment and responsibility that should be acknowledged and respected.

Being in love with someone is an amazing experience and one to be celebrated. However, just because you love someone and that feeling is returned doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready for the adult world of marriage. Ask anyone who is married or has been through a divorce.

We all know people that got caught up in the romance and decided to marry much too young to only end up divorced by the age of 40. Marriage requires experience. This means you have dated, loved, and lost. You’ve fine-tuned your needs and learned about yourself through all of your relationships. Remember, nothing has been a waste of time. Every person you have met has been a part of shaping your future.

Be aware that your choices are your own. If you are picking men that aren’t ready, perhaps you are not as ready as you think you are. This is a big pill to swallow, I know.

Many think they want or deserve to be married, but many are not willing to do the personal work and grow as individuals first. You’re saying you’d like your MBA, but you’d prefer not to go to school.

Until you are completely ready to be someone’s partner and all that comes with it, you need to know that the universe is taking care of you. Perhaps you aren’t married yet because you have work to do. Timing is everything. You can’t force it or make it happen just because you want it to.

Do the work on yourself, ask yourself often “am I honestly ready for marriage?” and “is this truly the person I want to marry?” When you answer both “YES!” without hesitation, celebrate!


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