Personal Boundaries For Happiness

I’ve been joining Anna Faris as one of her resident experts to offer qualified advice for your love life on a number of episodes of her brilliant, funny, and poignant podcast, Unqualified. In this most recent episode, we help caller Jo, who’s struggling with establishing personal boundaries (essential for your happiness) in her relationships and friendships all while managing the challenges of the pandemic.

Have you ever stayed in a relationship long after you knew it wasn’t the “right” one? Maintained a friendship even though you weren’t being treated well? Or kept a person in your life despite overwhelming evidence that your values just weren’t in alignment anymore?

We’ve all been there.

And the way to remedy this all-too-common and painful experience is to get really clear on your Core Values. Your Core Values are the gatekeepers to your Personal Boundaries and are so important to your mental and emotional health and happiness.

I’m a big believer in community and know that you’ll gain a lot of knowledge and insight from hearing my advice to Jo. As I always say, you are unique but your heartache is not.

Click here for the full episode of Unqualified. (Anna interviews Kate Mara first, and we begin at 50:00) 

There is so much to learn from our shared experiences. Have a listen and please share this episode with your friends. I’ll be back with more qualified advice for your love life on Unqualified with Anna Faris and will be sure to share with you! Enjoy!


April Beyer

Founder & CEO

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