Is Online Dating Worth Your Time?

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You’ve been on the dating apps for a while. You haven’t met anyone yet but you’ve heard several success stories that inspired you to keep going.

I applaud your motivation to take control of your dating life.  But I advise you to browse and swipe with caution.  Online dating can cause:

  • Loss of time and money
  • Feelings of low self-esteem
  • Inexplicable behavior that might cause you to alter yourself


Loss of time and money seems like a risk you have to take, but out of the three listed above, that reason is a big contributor to my success for 25 years.  People who understand the value of their time and choose to invest their money in a solution that has a better ROI, know that traditional matchmaking offers better results.

A good matchmaker who connects people based on values has a much better chance of introducing a potential couple than people making choices only on looks. We all know that dating apps are focused on photos but don’t offer the vital information you need to make smart choices. Think of a matchmaker as a gatekeeper for your time, someone who looks out for your best interest and protects you.

YOU DON’T NEED THE FRUSTRATION (or the self-doubt)

For some people, dating online can cause feelings of low self-esteem  if they don’t get interest from someone they matched with or secure a date after exchanging hours of emails.

“Did he meet someone else? Was it something I said or didn’t say? Should I update your photo? Send him a note asking what happened?”

My head is spinning just thinking about all of this anxiety. Don’t allow yourself to sink into self-doubt simply because a virtual stranger didn’t respond to you, your profile, or your photo. Take everything in stride and try to have fun with it.


I developed Level to take all of this frustration out of dating and make introductions you’ll find fun and rewarding.

LEVEL does all of the sourcing, vetting, and interviewing for you, saving your hours of time and money.  The network itself receives more information than you would ever get on an app, so we are able to make choices based on values you would never find out until several dates into a courtship.

Meeting someone whose physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, and lifestyle values align with yours gives you so much more potential in establishing  a meaningful relationship than browsing based on looks and location.


Dating online can work, just make it a supplement to your search and not your only path.

I’m meeting way too many men and women that are ONLY dating online, blaming their jobs for the reason why they just aren’t meeting enough people. Don’t kid yourself. Let’s face it: Online dating can be fun, but it’s made people lazy.

Relationships are created by real human contact, not sitting at your computer.

If finding a mate is important to you, get out of your house and out into the world.


You’re far less likely to be rejected if someone has the opportunity to get to know you as a person than if they are swiping through your selfies.

The major benefit of LEVEL is that it saves you countless hours.  We get to know each person based on a 10-category value system.  When you’re ready for dates with more potential, you will apply to join LEVEL.

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