My Top Tips For Successful LEVEL Dates

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I have a long standing mission to help men date smarter. My greatest professional satisfaction comes from knowing I’ve made it possible for two exceptional people to find the partner that has eluded them.

Top Tips for Successful LEVEL Dates

1. Relax, your date already knows you’re amazing.

As a LEVEL member, you now have an expert voice bridging the gap between you and the women you meet. We represent you with great accuracy and detail from your interests and life goals to your professional and personal relationship history. Prior to your dates we have echoed your dedication to finding a partner, we’ve sung your praises, and they will be looking forward to meeting you. You never need to worry about going through the typical 20 questions usually asked on dates. Just go out, relax and enjoy getting to know these incredible women.

2. Get in touch within 24-48 hours of our introduction.

We ask that you reach out to the women we introduce to you within 24-48 hours of receiving contact information. If you’re unable to do so, contact our office via email so we may help you. Introductions that take too long to occur tend to create bad feelings on either side and can possibly take the match off the table completely.

3. Don’t qualify before the date.  We’ve already done that!

Get to know your introductions in person- don’t try to qualify them on the phone. A quick call to say hello and plan a date to meet is all that’s necessary. Chemistry can only be discovered in person.

4. Let us help you reach her.

If you’ve reached out to your date more than once and you haven’t received a call/text in return, please refrain from calling again. Your time is valuable. We ask that you reach out to our office so that we can support you and learn what might be holding up communication. More often than not, your date is simply busy. Calling her more than once can be viewed as pushy, aggressive and off-putting.  Our job is to make sure you always look good!

5. Women love a man with a plan.

Dinner dates or weekend lunch plans are always more romantic, fun and lead to more relationships than quick coffee dates. We encourage you to have lunch or dinner for your first dates and although it might appear to seem kind to ask where she would like to go, most women would prefer for you to make the arrangements and let her know where you’ll be meeting. If you build a connection, there will be plenty of time and dates for the two of you to co-create the plans.

6. Trust and look forward to your dates.

We have approved each and every introduction we create for you and have verified that her information and photos are current. You can feel comfortable that the woman in the photo looks like the woman walking in the door.

7. Meet for your first date.

Most women prefer to meet you at the date location for your first date. If the date goes well, she’ll feel more comfortable having you pick her up for your second date. Bonus points for offering to send her an Uber!

8. Create the chemistry.

Women arrive at chemistry and attraction through so many other avenues- your voice, the way you carry yourself, the way you treat her, your kindness and generosity, etc.

9. Make her feel safe.

The #1 desire of a woman: Safety. If a woman has parked or used the valet at the restaurant, always walk her to her car, or wait with her at the valet until she’s driven away. You’ll get brownie points if you pay for her valet or call her post date to make sure she arrived home safely.

Women love it when you call them to make sure they got home ok. It makes them feel safe and taken care of. Even if you’re not interested in seeing a woman a second time, you will establish yourself as a man who cares and is respectful. Los Angeles and San Fransisco are smaller towns than you think. Women talk and we want the talk about you to be positive.

10. Answer with confidence.

Why did you hire LEVEL? No need to make apologies or excuses. A good answer is always: “I’m serious about finding love and hired an expert to help me achieve that goal.”

11. Leave your baggage at home.

People will ask why you and the Ex didn’t work out. It’s a default question that most tend to lean on when they don’t know what else to ask. Be honest but brief. Keep your conversation in the now and the present. Steer clear of negatively speaking about your Ex or past dates you’ve had. It doesn’t build trust, communication or chemistry and only creates a dark cloud over your date.

12. Let’s NOT talk about sex.

It’s never a good idea to discuss sex on a first date. Women are not interested in hearing about the sexy model you dated and how off the charts your chemistry was. This causes a negative reaction and makes women feel you are comparing them to other women. Never a good thing! Unless chemistry is flying, don’t push for intimacy on a first date. You’ll know soon enough if she’s interested from her post-date feedback and you’ll be armed with confidence and knowledge for your next date.

13. Put the phone away.

Resist the urge to check messages on your phone while on a date. Stay in the moment and create an opportunity to really get to know the person you’re with.

14. Be on time for all dates.

Your dates will be looking forward to a higher level of care, planning, and courtesy than the typical dating avenues offered in today’s modern world.

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