Is He Ready For A Relationship?

I know the dating apps are causing you a ton of frustration and from what I’m hearing, it’s challenging to find the men who actually want to be in a serious relationship. Regardless of how you meet a man, it’s important that you know how to judge his readiness. I recently covered this topic during my weekly Facebook Live session. If you haven’t tuned in yet, you can replay this session here and get a feeling for the experience. Each week, people come to my Facebook Page to watch the stream and write their questions in the comments so I can answer and support all of you on the spot. I  invite you to join us!

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Here’s a recap of my relationship-readiness session in the video above.


1. Responsiveness

He reaches out in a consistent and timely manner to ask you out and stays in touch with you in between dates. He doesn’t ghost you or keep you guessing.

2. Availability

He makes time for you and prioritizes his dates with you rather than fitting you into his life. Don’t make excuses for men. If they want you, they make it known with actions not just words.

3. Curiosity

He genuinely wants to know about you, your life, passions, work, family and basically anything that makes you tick.

4. Capacity

He’s over his ex, his life isn’t chaotic and overly stressful. In other words, he already has balance. Work is an important part of his life and overall self-worth but he’s not a workaholic. He’s achieved many of his goals and his new goal is to be in a relationship. His life feels successful and a happy relationship is the only thing missing.

5. Partnership

A man’s readiness shows up quickly if you know what to look for. Men who desire love and relationship begin collaborating with you early on. This means, they make plans for the future with you, ask for your input and advice. Above all, he acts like a partner and craves partnership from you. Be sure you’re not playing hard to get and following outdated dating rules. Men who are ready for love and marriage look for women who engage and participate in making plans, expressing care and interest.

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