How To Test Your Relationship Readiness

test your relationship readiness
“Relationship Ready.” We hear this term from women every day in our office. It’s always at the top of their priority list.

Interestingly enough, not a lot of men put this high on their wish list.

It got me wondering: Surely, men want love just as much as women do. So, why do women believe that men have to be convinced to be in a significant relationship?

And most importantly, what is “relationship readiness” and how do you know where you stand?

How Relationship Readiness is Defined:

Relationship readiness is not defined by whether or not you’re ready to be married. It isn’t defined by how perfect or pain-free your life is. It has nothing to do with your career, money, achievement, or even loving someone.

Readiness is actually all about willingness. Willingness to lean in and make something work. And on the other side, it’s about having the strength to leave if your needs aren’t being met. Of course, this can only happen if you know what those needs are.

Readiness Means You Require and Give a Higher Level of Care.

Regardless of what stage of “readiness” you’re at, you still want to be with a woman who makes herself available. You want someone who treats you well. You want someone who has done the work on herself to become an amazing partner for you. She wants and deserves the same.

So, when a woman asks you if you’re “ready for a committed relationship” ask her what she means by that. Her definition might be flawed. You’ll find that some women are asking you this question in order to avoid investing (time/energy) in you if you’re not interested in marriage. The smart, confident women are gauging how attentive, kind, honest and loving you’re willing and ready to be.

Therefore, you want the woman with the confidence and self-awareness to make her decisions based on observation, faith, and trust, not just a list of pre-set questions. You want the woman who inspires readiness, not expects it.

Getting Ready For “Her”.

I’ve spent twenty years helping successful men find love with remarkable women. My success starts with attracting men who are able to lean in and prepare for their “next level relationship.” This means, taking a longer look at where you’re holding back or limiting your search with superficial wants instead of focusing on your core needs.

Ultimately, the men who have found love through LEVEL Connections did just that. The best part? They got everything they wanted and so much more. Letting go of the narrow focus and allowing space for surprise and connection led to their ultimate success. An open mind creates an open heart which in turn, expands your universe and opens the door to the love of your life.

Cheers to you and lasting connections in 2020!

-April Beyer



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