How Gratitude Impacts Your Love Life

During challenging times, we’re acutely aware of what we have, what we no longer have, and what we wish to have.

Expressing gratitude for where you’re at in your life is important. Not only does it make you feel better and boost your mood, but it gives you the space to take stock and evaluate. If you can’t find the blessings, you’re either overlooking something really important, or it’s time to change your circumstances.

There’s another piece to gratitude and how it impacts your dating life.

It’s your expression of gratitude toward another person. More specifically, to the men you meet. They need this more than you might think.

I don’t need to tell you about the fragile egos of men. It doesn’t matter how old, tall, educated, or successful a man is, he’s still “a little boy just older and taller” as my mom always says. 🙂 Recognize him for his kindness, his love of family, the career he has built, etc., and you’re offering a place for a man to be truly seen. And, when you create this space, he begins to see you in a new light.

Lack of appreciation is one of the first complaints I hear from men. It usually stems from long term relationships of marriages that led to taking one another for granted or dating women who rarely verbalize gratitude.

You can change this and be a woman who communicates on a higher level.

It could be as simple as a thank you for taking you to dinner, giving you a nice compliment, offering help or advice. I’ll go a step further and tell you that gratitude goes beyond receiving and is more of an an acknowledgment of the man he is, what he’s accomplished and sharing how you truly feel.

A lot of women falsely believe that it takes away their power to show a man gratitude. That somehow it gives the appearance of being weak, needy or too interested.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This is your superpower! 

Acknowledgment, appreciation and gratitude are at the top of everyone’s wishlist this year. Learn how to give this freely.

Find the smallest of moments to thank or recognize a man when you feel inclined. Don’t make it up or try to find it. I only ask that if you feel it, that you say it out loud without reservation. Discover what it feels like to truly speak your feelings and not just your fears.

This is the truest form of vulnerability.

You’ll see how effortless it is transform a superficial conversation into a profound and deep connection. Yes, even when you know a date is not going to go to the next level. Give and you shall receive.

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