How to figure out if your values align when you first start dating

Via instagram @gilles_soutewrand
Via instagram @gilles_soutewrand

One of the most challenging parts of dating new people is figuring out if your values align. This is one of the main reasons I created LEVEL the first ALL-IN-ONE personal matchmaker and networking solution to match you based on what’s most important to you.

Values aren’t something you see or feel. They’re rooted in your background and have developed into something you hold sacred in yourself and appreciate in your partner. They are the foundation of a solid relationship, so you should try to find out what your potential partner’s values are in the first few dates.

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Use some of these questions to see if they will share not only their experience but also let you understand some of their values.

  • What do you love most about your job?
  • What are your kids like?
  • What would you do every day if you could do anything?

Most importantly, when you see their eyes light up, dive deeper into that topic.  You know they love what they’re talking about, so ask more questions and see how you feel about the answers.

It’s time to start taking a closer and deeper look at the people you’re meeting. These questions may seem light, but if you ask from a place of genuine sincerity, you’ll start to make more meaningful connections out there.

Remember these are just to get you started, listen to their answers and continue to ask questions with a deeper intent.

Values are the foundation of my philosophy and why I started LEVEL.  In the world of dating apps, people place too much weight on looks, location, and sheer volume of prospects.  What you should be focusing on in your dating life is diving into a person to see if they align with what’s most important to you.  At LEVEL, when you are matched for an introduction, all male members and women are vetted and paired based on values. Our research and assessment could never be done by an app or your Google search.  That’s why we say “Date Smart.” And date a person on your LEVEL.

“In my 25 years of experience working with single men and women, I’ve found successful relationships are built on a solid foundation of self-knowledge, clarity, and confidence. With my private relationship coaching, you can embark on a transformative journey that will lead you to a deeper understanding of your core values and align you for successfully developing a truly fulfilling relationship that can last a lifetime.”
– April Beyer, Founder & CEO of

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