Cohosting Unqualified with Anna Faris

I’ve been cohosting Unqualified with Anna Faris and having a fabulous time! Anna and I offer our advice, transformation, insight and lots of fun to our callers. You’ll be able to catch me on all recent episodes linked below.

On my recent episode with Lamorne Morris, Anna and I talk to caller Jocelyn, who is in a situation I know SO many of us have been in.

She and her partner are in a sexual rut.

And as you know, a bad sex life almost always has deeper roots.

We uncover these deeper issues for Jocelyn and I know you’ll benefit from the advice we give her.

Check out this episode for my advice on how to:

  • Improve your relationships using high level communication that speaks directly to the receiver.
  • Quiet the chaos
  • Ask for what you need from your partner, friends, colleagues
  • Tap into your feminine wisdom and strength
  • Build confidence in your partner by creating space for them to lead

You can find the episode here (Lamorne Morris is a great guest, and our advice starts at 53:30).

You can catch this and all of my other episodes on Unqualified with Anna Faris.



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