3 Key Elements for Relationship Success

I recently had the pleasure and honor to join Anna Faris on her podcast “Unqualified” as one of her resident experts to help a couple of callers with their love-life challenges.

Our first caller was Ginny.

Ginny called in with a couple of specific concerns about dating, being ghosted, and connecting with new people in a new city.

I know you’ll benefit from hearing Ginny’s story and my advice to her. So much of her confusion and fear can be solved with a very simple mindset shift, and I help Ginny get there during our call by focusing on 3 key elements that are essential to your dating and relationship success: Authenticity, Vulnerability, and Curiosity.

Our conversation covered a lot of ground:

  • How to avoid being ghosted
  • Dating as an introvert
  • Picky vs. Selective
  • Overcoming loneliness
  • Discovering your core confidence
  • Owning your story
  • Personable vs. Personal
  • Shifting your mindset for dating success

I know you’ll hear these key elements a lot throughout this call. Click here to listen the full episode and please share with friends you think will enjoy it. Our call-in segment starts at the 48 minute mark, but I know you’ll also enjoy Anna’s conversation with Norah Jones, too!

“Unqualified” is always brilliant and poignant and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to support Anna Faris’ listeners in this way. I’ll be back with Anna again soon, and will be sure to share future podcasts with you!



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