Photo Requirements

Let’s face it. Image and first impressions are everything. Your photos need to reflect who you are and allow others to see you in your best light. Approval of your application is dependent on the quality of your photos. Here’s how you can ensure the success of your submission:

Provide at least 2 Primary professional-quality photos:

  • One head-shot
  • One 3/4 or full length photo
  • Dress how you would if you were going out on a first date with someone new
  • Your photos should reflect your beauty, not your personality
  • Naturally lit (outdoors), clear, bright images.

*You can submit up to 3 additional “bonus” images with your application. These bonus photos can be more personality/lifestyle in nature, but we do encourage you to find your best, clearest images. Group shots, selfies, and images that are more about the landscape than you, don’t really serve you. If a man has to guess what you look like, he’s more likely to say “no”.

If you know you need better photos, don’t delay your application. Go ahead and submit your two best photos. We’ll be in touch with an opportunity to get pro-photos with our LEVEL approved photographers at a reduced rate.

Primary Photos that will be declined:

  • Black & white
  • Selfies/Mirror Selfies
  • Dark/blurry/out of focus
  • Hats/sunglasses
  • Groups of people
  • Cropped/stretched images
  • Snapchat filters
  • Nudity

Make it important: Photos that are clear, professional and untouched are more likely to receive a “YES” when we send introductions. Do your part by giving us your best. Help us help you.

Photo Examples:

Photo Submission that will be Declined


Approved Photo Submission

* Inquire about using our professional LEVEL-approved photographers at our reduced membership rate.

You’ve got options, we’re here to help you choose the right one.