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Elevating Your Matchmaking Experience in Los Angeles

Welcome to love on your level. With over 25 years of matchmaking experience, LEVEL Connections founder April Beyer, offers a wealth of insight and interpersonal strategies that will elevate your LA dating experience. We offer an unparalleled personal matchmaking service in Los Angeles with uniquely-designed relationship consulting that will revolutionize your dating life and create connections with the potential to deepen into meaningful relationships.

Our distinctive approach integrates April’s extensive professional matchmaker knowledge with advanced matchmaking technology, meticulously evaluating, qualifying and screening potential matches. This precision, combined with hand-selected matches by our internal team, ensures the exceptional quality and caliber of every match we recommend. At the heart of our methodology are ten fundamental core values, a time-tested approach to personal matchmaking and relationship success. Our EVT™ matching and profile process, crafted from April’s proprietary interview and matchmaking experience, is celebrated as “The Myers Briggs for The Heart.”

We seamlessly weave intelligent and intuitive technology with the warmth of human interaction, ensuring our clients are authentically represented so that each match has the potential for long-term compatibility. LEVEL Connections delivers quality with rigorously vetted connections, guaranteeing you peace of mind as you navigate dating in Los Angeles.

Curated Introductions

Bid farewell to the ceaseless quest for the ideal date, swiping on unvetted profiles and utilizing your valuable energy to represent yourself. We begin by offering you the journey of self-awareness with our EVT Matching Quiz™, which helps unearth your core values, distinctive traits and lifestyle aspirations. This unparalleled tool curates a list of the most meaningful matches within our exclusive, offline network, resulting in more successful dates. We dive beyond the surface, asking profound questions to reveal not only your desires but also any potential dating blind spots. This meaningful exploration is paramount for safeguarding your future, because choosing your life partner is foundational for building the life you expect and deserve.

Genuine Connections

Authenticity is our cornerstone. We eliminate uncertainty by meticulously verifying each potential match before presenting it. Our comprehensive professional matchmaking process involves a rigorous examination of verified photos, virtual interviews and thorough social media vetting, ensuring you meet only the most trustworthy, high quality and genuine matches in LA.

Enlightening Advice

Gain a new outlook on your dates and receive insightful post-date feedback from our expert team that empowers you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your romantic future. We are committed to aligning your professional and personal success, creating the perfect balance for a meaningful life.

Personal Matchmaker

Introducing April, your professional matchmaker. Infusing expertise into every decision, she hand-selects only the most qualified matches, ensuring each date seamlessly aligns with your desires for meaningful connections in the city of Los Angeles.

The LEVEL Matchmaking Journey

Apply to Begin

Our bespoke approach delves into the intricacies of your hobbies, goals, profession, values, passions, lifestyle and relationship aspirations. Your professional matchmaking journey will be as unique as you are, paving the way to discovering the ideal partner genuinely aligned with you.

Meet With Us

Schedule a complimentary call to discuss your unique search and learn how LEVEL can best support you in your dating life.

Designed by our Founder April Beyer, our proprietary matching process is unique and first of it’s kind. This is based on 10 categories of compatibility that have been proven to be integral to our matching success. Unearth your core values, revealing your most profound desires in a partner through our quick and insightful quiz. Your responses are foundational for our search, providing a high-level perspective on what is paramount to you.

Tailored Matchmaking and Dating Support

As our esteemed client, you’ll have experience and expertise on your side. You’ll receive personalized 1-on-1 matchmaking support and expert dating advice to enure your future success. Our interactions don’t start and end with an introduction. Instead, we are focused on building a meaningful partnership with you that offers the clarity you need to level up your love life. Our 89% success rate of lasting relationships and marriages underscores that you are in the capable hands of seasoned, professional matchmakers.

Approve and Schedule Your First Date

Upon being matched with a potential connection, the decision is in your hands. We offer a simple avenue for scheduling your date with confidence, accompanied by our tailored guidance every step of the way.

Share Post-Date Feedback

Following your date, we will leverage your valuable feedback to refine and enhance your matchmaking experience and forge more meaningful connections. Our private conversations help us to learn more about you while consistently refining your search.

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Unwavering Commitment, Unparalleled Matchmaking

In the busy dating world of Los Angeles, love transcends a simple swipe. We recognize that each client is a dynamic individual with distinct experiences, qualities and desires, and we are committed to getting to know you and meticulously curating a experience that best meets your unique relationship needs. Our goal is to provide a tailored, prosperous and fulfilling dating experience that is meaningful and enjoyable while consistently supporting our mutual goal of creating lasting connections for single professionals in Los Angeles.

About Us
Our Pledge To Guide Your Journey

We pledge to be your reliable compass as you navigate the complexities of dating in Los Angeles, offering expert guidance with compassion and understanding and investing the time to explore your distinct preferences. We are committed to matching you with someone who not only resonates with your values but also aligns with your relationship goals. This is why we’re known for creating meaningful connections on your level. We have a deep understanding of the complexities of relationships and how people align in the most important ways for relationship success.

Delivering Valuable Matches

We are committed to presenting you with high-caliber, impeccably vetted and qualified matches to elevate your dating experience in Los Angeles. We will eliminate the endless cycle of swiping and dates that lead nowhere and introduce you to ideal partners who are perfectly aligned with your values, lifestyle goals, relationship desires and communication style.

Fostering a Safe and Comfortable Environment

Let LEVEL be a beacon of comfort and safety in LA’s intense and often daunting dating scene. Our supportive environment empowers you to navigate new connections with confidence and ease, cultivating meaningful relationships that stand the test of time. We’ll discuss each potential introduction with you and give you the respect to approve or decline as you wish. We’re here to make your life easier, de-risk your future and make dating a more rewarding and meaintful experience.

Open and Transparent Communication

We are dedicated to maintaining transparent and genuine lines of communication throughout your matchmaking journey. Our team of professional matchmakers is committed to offering regular feedback and valuable insights. Your thoughts and feelings are paramount, and we encourage you to share them openly. Post-date feedback is a critical aspect of our success together and pulling back the curtain to give you the inside knowledge after your dates allows you to move forward with clarity and confidence. Together, we will curate a productive and enjoyable dating experience that paves the way for lasting connections.

For Women: Apply to our nationwide, complimentary network


Answers on a Higher Level

For someone new to matchmaking, what role does LEVEL play in assisting people in a big city like Los Angeles?

In the dynamic landscape of Los Angeles, a matchmaking agency serves as your exclusive pass to the heart of the dating world. Unlike apps that may feel chaotic and impersonal, a professional matchmaker ensures you invest your time wisely to avoid incompatible connections.

At LEVEL, our approach transcends mere matchmaking in LA—it’s a honed skill, an art and an essential profession in today’s digital era. As one of the nation’s top matchmaking services, we’ve modernized traditional matchmaking to meet the demands and needs of those seeking a higher level of service.

What differentiates LEVEL from any other matchmaking agency or dating app?

In a big city like Los Angeles, where 55.8 percent of the population is single, choosing the best matchmaking service is paramount to a successful dating experience. Countless matchmaking services in Los Angeles have sprung up to meet this massive need, but just like first dates, they are not all created equal. We focus on private searches for single, marriage-minded, professional men, which allow us to create introductions tailored to the needs of each client. LEVEL Connections was created to modernize the traditional agency model, overcoming limitations in network size and enhancing the ability to streamline the matching and communication process with clients. We’ve earned a reputation for being one of the most trusted matchmaking agencies in Los Angeles due to our excellent customer service, exclusive network of incredible women and our support and personal care.

LEVEL stands out as the best matchmaking service in Los Angeles by infusing sophistication into your journey. We surpass surface-level filters, offering a unique blend of 25 years of expertise and cutting-edge technology for a distinctive matchmaking experience. Our thorough interview and qualification process ensures you meet only top-tier matches that share your values. We focus on 10 Shared Core Value traits, utilizing our CEO April Beyer’s proprietary EVT Matching™ to blend intuitive technology with human touch, sparking connections that have the potential to transform into meaningful relationships.

Designed for ease and reward, our matchmaking service makes dating in Los Angeles an enjoyable and successful experience. We create a safe, respectful and comfortable environment where authentic and enduring connections can flourish. LEVEL’s reputation as one of the top matchmaking services underscores our commitment to delivering a memorable and significant dating experience.

How does LEVEL’s professional matchmaker process work?

At LEVEL, we redefine matchmaking in Los Angeles by emphasizing authentic connections between kindred spirits. Our extraordinary approach blends human insight with a meticulous evaluation process covering physical, emotional, intellectual and spirtual compatibility. Our process begins with an initial and brief application that gathers insights into your preferences and relationship goals. If we feel we’re the right team for you, we’ll schedule a complimentary meeting to learn more about you. Next, you will complete our exclusive EVT Matching Quiz™ to delve into your core values and desires in a partner.

Armed with your preferences, our experts thoughtfully curate potential connections aligned with your aspirations, lifestyle and personality. The option to approve and schedule dates is entirely in your control. However, we are by your side at every step, offering tailored advice and support throughout the process, including pre-and post-date insights and feedback.

We are committed to ensuring your dating experience is not only productive but also joyous and prosperous. Backed by our proven track record as the premier professional matchmaker in Los Angeles, we are confident in our ability to help you discover the meaningful and enduring connection you expect and deserve. Learn more about our process.

What is the EVT Matching QuizTM technology?

More than just an algorithm, the EVT Matching Quiz™ is April Beyer’s brainchild powered by proprietary AI machine learning. Rooted in the 10 Emotional Value Triggers (EVT), it sparks attraction, chemistry, and profound connections—a true “Myers-Briggs for matters of the heart.”

It is a foundational tool to LEVEL’s ability to enhance your dating experience and our success as a top matchmaker in Los Angeles. Our 89% success rate of helping our clients find significant relationships has given us insight into the deeper layers of long-term compatibility. We’ve created the first technology supported matchmaking service in Los Angeles but stil remain a boutique and dedicated personal service for eligible, marriage-minded men. Technology hasn’t replaced us. It’s only made us more efficient with our clientele and allows us to do what we do best. Our EVT quiz serves as a reliable source to discover the most aligned introductions within our network. We’re able to bring thousands of incredible women into our network utilzing this valuable tool.

What are the qualifications and characteristics of the female members your matchmaking agency selects?

As a renowned Los Angeles matchmaker, we meticulously curate a selection of female members who embody precisely what our male clients seek in a partner. Within our extensive network of exceptional female members aged 25 to 65, you’ll discover a diverse array beyond simply physical allure, encompassing women who are also healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Confidence, intelligence, sophistication and femininity define the female members in our professional dating agency network. These incredible women are ready to share their lives with the right man. Upholding stringent standards, including a no-nonsense policy on pre-screened, recent and approved profile photos (no sunglasses or hats), we believe our clients deserve nothing but the best. Our rigorous selection process ensures that each woman in our matchmaking agency network possesses the characteristics vital for nurturing a lasting and meaningful relationship. Photo verification ensures accurate representation, leaving no room for compromise. Learn more about LEVEL process for our female clienete.

How does your matchmaking company ensure the quality of its matches?

We believe quality is the cornerstone of a successful matchmaking service in Los Angeles. To uphold this standard, we’ve meticulously crafted an impeccable screening process that ensures each match aligns with our exacting standards. Our commitment commences with our male clientele. Every potential match undergoes thorough vetting and interviews.

We extend invitations only to those who meet our carefully defined criteria, granting them access to the exclusive world of LEVEL’s private membership. For exceptional women aspiring to join our network and become members, the journey begins with a streamlined complimentary application process, followed by an exclusive screening and self-guided interview designed to unlock the best of their potential. This stringent process preserves the integrity of our professional Matchmaker in the LA network, which embodies confidence, outgoing charm and a readiness for the profound journey of a committed, serious relationship. In the heart of LA, where endless opportunities await, LEVEL stands as a proficient LA matchmaker, offering quality and reliability in matchmaking.

Do you collaborate with other matchmaking agencies?

Yes. We are part of a matchmaking alliance and collaborate more than 300 matchmakers across the country. This expands our reach as well as opens the possibilities of introductions outside of our LEVEL network.

How big is your network of women?

Our network consists of thousands of fully vetted, qualified and approved, beautiful, intelligent and women. Our list grows every day through our twenty year reputation in the industry, publicity, social media presence, adversisting, networking, our matchmaking affiliates and search partners. A great deal of our time and resources are dedicated to consistently building and replenishing our list of exceptional female candidates.

What happens after your matchmaking company sends me on a first date?

Your feelings, insights and thoughts about your first date are paramount. You’ll receive a request for feedback the next day after your date. This feedback is a crucial guide, enabling us to refine our matchmaking process and curate matches even more aligned with your expectations. Should sparks fly and the chemistry prove compelling, fueling your desire for a deeper connection, we stand ready to schedule a second date.

Our seasoned matchmakers are committed to delivering ongoing guidance and support throughout your dating journey. It is of utmost importance that you navigate the uncertainties of new connections with confidence and ease, leveraging our expertise to enhance your experience.

How does LEVEL handle privacy and confidentiality?

As a premier matchmaker in Los Angeles, we deeply understand the significance of privacy and confidentiality for our discerning clients. Your privacy is our foremost priority, and we are committed to safeguarding it throughout the matchmaking process. Our service operates exclusively offline and in strict confidentiality.

Your profile is accessible solely to our team of professional matchmakers in LA, who dedicate themselves to meticulously engineering the best possible matches for you. Furthermore, we take pride in tailoring your matches to align with your unique preferences and relationship goals. Our unwavering dedication to creating a secure and respectful space empowers you to relax and enjoy the relationship journey.


How much does LEVEL's matchmaking service cost?

At LEVEL, we perceive love as an investment in your future, an unparalleled gift awaiting discovery.

FOR MEN: Our matchmaking services are tailored to your unique needs and preferences. We offer a 6-month local search as well as a 12-month nationwide search. The pricing structure is designed to accommodate the level of service you desire. We champion complete transparency, and our pricing information is laid out for you right from the outset.

For our female members, we extend a complimentary invitation to apply to our exclusive and private network. Although there are no guarantees of introductions with our male clientele, you are in a safe and offline environment where you have the opportunity to receive potential matches. You’ll be notified first if we feel we have a wonderful client to introduce to you.

Our unwavering commitment is to provide a dating experience that is not only successful but also enjoyable, reflecting the caliber and expertise of our dedicated team. We invite you to reach out to us, and together we will explore further details about our packages and pricing options.


What is LEVEL's success rate in creating lasting relationships?

At LEVEL, success transcends mere numbers—it’s about cultivating meaningful relationships, not just matches. Our distinctive matchmaking approach has resulted in numerous enduring connections, boasting a long-term relatiobnship and marriage success rate exceeding 89%. Our team of expert matchmakers dedicates time to understanding your unique preferences and relationship goals, curating personalized matches poised for lasting love. We are fully dedicated to pulling out all the stops to help you uncover the love you seek. In the bustling city of Los Angeles, where singles are in search of their love story, LEVEL is poised to make yours extraordinary.

How long does the matchmaking process typically take?

We believe in prioritizing quality over quantity. The first month of your membership is focused on preparation. We begin by spending the first two weeks of your membership getting to know you to fully understand your unique preferences. We ensure that your profile and images are reflective of who you are and show you at your best. We’re on hand to connect you with the the right photographer and assist you in choosing the highest quality images. We then begin reaching out to potential matches on your behalf. For our female members, they will only hear from us if we have a viable match to discuss with one of our male clients. The journey for our male clients is dynamic and the number of monthly dates depends on your openness to our suggestions. Typically, successful connections are found within 8 to 10 first dates. Seeking your forever partner is one of the most important investments you’ll make for your life. It’s important that we create thoughtful introductions that have a high probability of becoming lasting connections. Love isn’t a numbers game. When you hire an expert, you don’t need the volume, you get the quality experience every step of the way on the road to finding love on your level. We’re busy working on your behalf to save you time and energy.

What happens if I don't like a match I've been introduced to?

We understand that not every match is perfect, and that is perfectly fine. If a connection doesn’t spark interest, just let us know in your post-date feedback the next day. Your feedback is invaluable, guiding us to refine our process and evolve, creating connections that genuinely align with your values and preferences. We strive to offer a supportive and respectful environment, allowing you to explore matches with comfort and confidence until you ultimately spark a connection that has the potential to transform into a meaningful and enduring relationship. We’re here to serve you. If you receive an introduction that doesn’t interest you, you have the ability decline with a touch of a button. Our role is to simplify your dating experience and free you from the time spent on meaningless dates that go nowhere.

How often will I be introduced to potential matches?

At LEVEL, we prioritize quality in matchmaking, emphasizing meaningful and lasting connections over quantity. On average, our clients are meeting 1-2 new qualified and approved introductions per month. We aim to infuse every match with a personal touch, recognizing that true compatibility takes time and care. While we can’t guarantee a specific number of matches, our commitment is to introduce you to matches aligning with your values and preferences, fostering the potential for meaningful connections.

Our ultimate goal is to craft connections beyond the surface, aiming for true compatibility that can lead to lasting relationships. As a female member in our exclusive, private network, you can expect a personalized and supportive journey. We give considerable thought to each introduction and will only reach out to you if we feel you are compatible with a client we are serving. We carefully review each female profile while conducting private searches and reach out directly to you first if we have a male client we believe is a good fit for you. While there are no guarantees of introductions, we encourage you to stay with us for as long as you’re single—because you never know when we might discover the perfect match for you.


What kind of feedback will I receive after a date, and how will it be used to improve my matches?

At LEVEL, we value communication and feedback for building successful connections. After each date, we invite you to share your thoughts, fostering reflection and identifying areas for growth. This feedback is a compass for the future as we navigate your dating journey. Our professional matchmakers integrate your insights with other data points, refining our search for even better, more tailored connections. The more feedback you provide, the more finely-tuned and successful your matches become. We are your partners in the dating journey, committed to personalized, attentive and responsive service, and our feedback process exemplifies this dedication. Our goal is to create an enjoyable and productive experience, with your feedback playing a crucial role in that process.

What cities and areas do you cover?

Although our main focus lies in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Newport Beach, and the iconic San Francisco Bay Area, our influence extends well beyond. With members scattered across the country, we’re always excited to receive inquiries about the prospect of introducing our services in your city. We also collaborate with vetted and trusted matchmaking agencies across the country which offers additional areas to your search. Your curiosity fuels our enthusiasm, and we look forward to the possibility of expanding our reach to your area.

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